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WA 014: Owning Your Finances with Dr. Jim Dahle

As a doctor, it’s important to bring on the right team of financial advisors. But just as important is taking a strong interest in the success of your own financial future. In Wealth Anatomy Episode 14, we talk with Dr. Jim Dahle from Whitecoat Investor about how to do just that. From the books you read to what to look for in a financial advisor, you’ll learn what it takes to be a success.

Life Insurance for Doctors

WA 013: 5 Questions Every Doctor Should Ask About Life Insurance

If you’ve ever purchased life insurance, you know what a headache it can be. And with so many questions to answer how do you know you’ve done it right. In The Wealth Anatomy Episode 13, we’ll answer 5 of the most commonly asked life insurance questions by doctors. When should I purchase life insurance? How much life insurance should I have? What type of life insurance should I own (term, permanent, whole life)? Who should be the beneficiary of my policy? Do I need life insurance on my spouse?